Great Salt Lake Engagement Session | Utah Wedding Photographer

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share this amazing session! I continue to be so amazed by God's creations, especially in Utah! This Great Salt Lake Engagement session is definitely one of my faaaaaves. Technically, this was two sessions because we came back another day because some people decided they wanted to party at Saltair.... hahaha, but I'm not mad. More time with this fun couple! I had so much fun getting to know Krystal and Eduardo. Krystal is one of the sweetest human beings I ever met. She immediately greeted me with the biggest hug and I just love people that like that that are so kind and loving, and Eduardo is the perfect kind, sweet and funny match to Krystal. When I was around them, I didn't feel like I was taking pictures, it totally felt like we were just hanging out! Their energy and lovebird vibes made these photos even more awesome. You can see how in love they are in these pictures for sure :) So excited for these two to tie the knot next year! ♥

Great Salt Lake Engagement Session | Saltair Engagement Session | Utah Engagement Session

Brigham Young University | Couples Session

Hi everyone, back again with another blog post with another cute couple! I met up with my new friends Kaitlyn and Ben on Brigham Young University campus for their session... I had no idea a university campus could be this gorgeous! Like are you for real?? That light and fall colors are killing meeeee. 

Kaitlyn and Ben were some of the first people we met when we moved to Utah, once Kaitlyn and I found out we were both photographers, we clicked! They are such a fun couple and they are such great friends! I had soooo much fun taking these pictures for them, thanks Kaitlyn and Ben for being so insanely perfect in front of my camera! ♥


Brigham Young University Session | Utah Couples Photographer

Salt Flats Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographer

Hi friends! I need to tell you about this salt flats engagements session... it was an adventure and one to remember! I'm seriously so in love with these images... I could NOT wait to share them!

Cecy is one of my friends and former coworkers back in California! She and her fiance Andrew were visiting Utah, so it worked out perfectly for me to take their engagement pictures! We decided on the Bonneville Salt Flats for their engagements! So I met up with them in Salt Lake City where they were staying and we started our road trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats!

It was about a 2 hour drive from SLC to the salt flats. Along the way, we saw gorgeous mountains, tons of other salt patches, and even the Morton salt plant! So in case you were wondering, that's where your salt comes from haha. 

We arrived at the rest stop and walked onto the Bonneville Salt Flats... what a gorgeous sight to see! I didn't realize how bright it was going to be when we got there, so we took a few pics, and then planned to snag some dinner and then come back closer to sunset.

We drove to the border and snagged some Subway sandwiches and then were on our way back to the salt flats. So here's where it gets crazy. Driving back to the flats, I accidentally missed the exit... No big deal, right? Wrong. The next exit wasn't for THIRTY MILES! So I started freaking out at this point. I was scared we weren't going to make it back in time for sunset, and we'd driven all this way and we might not even get to shoot at the salt flats? I was apologizing non-stop and on the verge of tears. 

But I decided we were going to make it work. I drove at not legal MPH to get to this exit, and I rushed to the other side of the freeway. As I sped back towards the Bonneville Salt Flats, I realized the sad truth that we would not make it in time for sunset. On the way to the salt flats are other patches of salt though, so I drove and drove until I found another patch of salt that was perfect. We pulled to the side of the road and rushed to start our session. 

As soon as I stepped out of the car I knew this was going to be an AMAZING session. The light was absolute perfection, the view of the mountains was to die for and the salt was perfect and white. Basically a winter wonderland. As I kept sinking my feet into the salt, I kept snapping shots of these love birds and I'm honestly so grateful for how this situation turned out. I love these pictures so much and I'm so thankful to Cecy and Andrew for coming on this journey with me!

So some pictures are at the Bonneville Salt Flats, but the sunset images where on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! This was absolutely crazy, but I got some EPIC shots and an awesome story to tell! Thank you Cecy and Andrew for letting me capture this special time in your lives! Congratulations to you both ♥


Salt Flats Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographer | Utah Couples Photographer

Provo City Center Temple | Styled Bridal Session

You guys... Can I just say I'm having the BEST time in Utah?? So many beautiful places and beautiful people to shoot! Speaking of beautiful people, let me tell you a little bit about the people in today's blog post!

These are my dear friends Carie and Zac. They are the first friends I made here in Utah! When I was looking for an apartment for Christian and I earlier this year, Carie reached out to me and told me they'd be moving out of their apartment around the same time we'd be moving to Utah. We kept in touch over the months and just a few weeks ago we moved into their old apartment! In just the last few weeks we've known them they've become really close and amazing friends of ours! They are honestly just the best ♥ 

So Carie had the idea of doing a styled bridal shoot and I was SOOO excited! Carie got her hands on a GORGEOUS Elizabeth Cooper gown and she's actually wearing the headpiece I wore on my wedding day, handcrafted by my mother ♥ These two got all dolled up and we headed to Provo City Center Temple, my new FAVORITE temple! I'm a little obsessed. While we were on temple grounds, multiple people kept telling Carie and Zac "Congratulations!" (In case you haven't caught on, Carie and Zac are already married) so we got a big kick out of this! Haha! 

As time got closer to sunset, we headed to Provo Canyon and let me just tell you, I fall in love with the Utah mountains more and more everyday! Sunset was incredible and it really added to the images!

We shot all the way to sunset, and then all of us went and got In N Out... What? Shooting makes me hungry! Hehe. 


Provo City Center Temple | Styled Bridal Session | Utah Wedding Photographer